#SocioKriya Artz

real hip hop - #SocioKriya

The Positively Expressed Nature Rebellion: The True Protagonist Always Find Their Purpose In Rebellion Against The Set Authority, Because Freedom And Love Are The Only Authority To Which Life Reports. In This Day And Age Impurity And Ignorance Is Globally Popularized. So The True Rebellion Is Found In The Expression Of Positive Energy. I Have Positioned Myself Within This Movement As A Creator, Facilitator, & Administrator. I Wish To Assist All My Fellow Creative Souls In Their Personal & Unified Endeavors To Better The World Through Their Art. I Am At Your Service… Connect, Network & Co-Create At Your Will. The Hyper-Dimensional Revolutionary United Front Continues Here, In Unity We Shall Thrive Through Our Ascension Immersed In The Expression of Creative & Artistic Spiritual Energy…Positively And Naturally.

Upon Giving My Creative Music Media A Purpose, I By Effect Gave My Supporters, Colleagues, Fellow Leaders, Creative Souls & Followers This Purpose As Well…We Are The Resistance. You Are Now In-tune..Welcome To Zero Point………..
-Nyah Lyan


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